Zit Delete Healing Dots
Zit Delete Healing Dots
Zit Delete Healing Dots
Zit Delete Healing Dots
Zit Delete Healing Dots
Zit Delete Healing Dots
Zit Delete Healing Dots

Zit Delete Healing Dots

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Microdart Technology 🎯 Safe for All Skin Types 💛 Active Ingredients 🥊 Made in South Korea 🇰🇷

Small but mighty pimple patches powered by innovative microdart technology. Unlike your typical hydrocolloid patches, these penetrate beneath the skin, delivering targeted acne-fighting ingredients to fast-forward even the most stubborn of spots. Ideal for early-stage deep-set blemishes, cystic acne, and zits with no visible head. Wear overnight for best results.

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Will Zit Delete Healing Dots get rid of my blemishes completely?

Zit Delete Healing Dots act as a fast-forward button for your blemishes—while they may not get rid of your blemish completely, they drastically reduce their lifetime, resulting in noticeable decreases in redness and size. They work particularly well on early-stage, deep set zits that often take several days to surface and weeks to heal.

Do Zit Delete Healing Dots work well with sensitive skin?

Zit Delete Healing Dots are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. We recommend thoroughly cleansing the treatment area and allowing skin to dry first before applying the Healing Dot. Once it’s applied, leave it on for at least 6 hours for optimal results. Since the Healing Dots work by targeting specific spots with blemishes, it will not impact any other parts of your skin. Easy peasy!

Can I leave my Zit Delete Healing Dot on overnight?

Yes! We actually recommend leaving it on overnight for optimal results. Keeping it on for 6-10 hours is the ideal amount of time to see a noticeable improvement.

How often can I use Zit Delete Healing Dots on the same blemish?

We recommend using Zit Delete Healing Dots on the same blemish 2-3 times a week, to give it some time to breathe between uses. However, they can be used daily if desired!

What is the difference between Zit Delete Healing Dots and topical hydrocolloid pimple patches?

Zit Delete Healing Dots are made with microdart technology, which enables acne-fighting active ingredients to penetrate directly into the skin. This maximizes their effectiveness, particularly for early-stage, deep set pimples that a hydrocolloid patch isn’t designed to target.

What is the size of each Zit Delete Healing Dot?

Each Healing Dot is half an inch in diameter (1.3cm), including the adhesive area—making it the perfect size for covering the majority of blemishes.

How many microdarts does each Healing Dot have?

Each Zit Delete Healing Dot has 16 microdarts, with each being 30 micrometers in diameter (approximately ⅓ of the width of a strand of hair). They’re miniscule but effective, providing a painless solution to reducing redness and blemish size!

What material are the Zit Delete Healing Dots made of?

The adhesive on the Zit Delete Healing Dots is hydrocolloid, an ingredient used commonly in dermatologist-grade bandages and across most types of pimple patches. Hydrocolloid is breathable, prevents bacteria, and holds moisture to maximize natural healing capabilities.

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